International meetings


The first transnational project meeting was held in Vidin, Bulgaria from 19 to 23 November 2017.

During the first working day, the group of teachers, including 10 guests from the five partner schools, took part in a seminar on “How does the disappearance of traditional children’s health?”, Prof. Krasimira Kostadinova, MD from the Department of Child and Youth Health at the National Center for Public Health and Analysis – Sofia.

The second working day continued with the agenda of the meeting. The guests were welcomed at the school with bread and honey and specially prepared posters with a greeting “welcome” in the native languages of each country. We showed them the school. Primary classes prepared surprises – songs, figures in national costumes, as well as various athletes, small bottles with rose essence, which they gave to the guests. Mrs. Kolletka Pavlova and her 4th G grade presented the school, Vidin and Bulgaria in the Educational museum.

We also held the first kick-off meeting of the participants, led by the coordinator Mrs Barbara N’Sir, in the Interactive Training Lab.

We made important decisions at the meeting:

– Organize Logo contest in each school.

– Work together on the eTwinning platform: TwinSpace, invite and introduce the teams. Put the chosen logo (s) into the Twinspace. Periodically add and update workspace data.

– We have set the dates for the next blended mobility to Slovenia, as well as the related important information – activities, host families / hotel, etc.

– Preparing posters with national games and sports and then, at the beginning of March, arrange an online chat / video conference to share students’ experiences about the work (preparing logos / posters).

– Creating an official website of our project – buying a domain and creating the website. (deadline: January 2018).

– Creating the mascot. Each country will prepare the mascot design on paper and explain the material / shape / etc. during the visit in Slovenia.

After lunch we showed our guests the main attractions of Vidin – the Danubian Park, the Baba Vida Fortress, the theater, the main square.

The third day began with activities related to national games, sports and dances. Physical education and sports teachers and their students have shown mobile games that are played in classes. With the help of our students, who played in a dance club, we learned the guests to play traditional Bulgarian dances – Horo.

The afternoon was even more active – we climbed together along the Belogradchik rocks and descended deep underground in the Magura cave.

In the evening, declarations of participation were distributed, and all participated in a farewell dinner.


Here is the presentation of Assist. Prof, Krasimira Kostadinova, PhD:

And here is how Google “saw”our activities:


  Erasmus+ Project »National Games and Sports Bring Us Together«


Dates: from 19th to 23rd of March 2018

Venue: Gimnazija KRANJ, Kranj, Slovenia

The meeting in Slovenia, in Kranj, was the first meeting where students participated in a number of activities.

The blended meeting of school learners was organised by the secondary school Gimnazija Kranj, one of the partners in the Erasmus+ project »National Games and Sports Bring Us Together«. The school hosted 22 foreign students and 11 teachers from the partner schools: Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Turkey. 15 students and 3 teachers from Gimnazija Kranj were involved in the Erasmus+ project week. Ten of all the foreign students stayed with Slovenian families, the rest of them stayed in two different hostels.

The meeting began on Monday, 19th of March, with an opening ceremony: a short cultural programme, speeches by the headmaster of the school Gimnazija Kranj, Mr Franc Rozman, and the Polish coordinator of the project, Ms Barbara N’sir. To mark the main ideas of the project 3 videos were shown to emphasize how the students of Gimnazija Kranj participate in different activities on the days called »sports days«.

As it was the first blended meeting of school learners, so each participating country had prepared a presentation of a school, town and country where each of them study, work and live. It was the first information shared among students and teachers. Afterwards several team building games were carried out so as to get to know each other better. The afternoon activities were held outdoors, exploring the town Kranj, a visit to the underground tunnel and walking through the old part of the town.

On the second day, 20th March 2018, students and teachers gathered in the computer room to choose the logo of the project. It was a kind of competition where each student was to choose one of the logos that had been created beforehand, each country had sent one or two logos for the competition. The Turkish logo won and is now the official logo of the project.

One of the Slovenian students, Lana Kejžar, had a presentation on mobile applications related to sports and a healthy life style. These can be used by each individual to count and measure activities, calculate calories used in these activities.

The teachers and students of partner schools were shown around the school facilities (gyms, the teachers’ room, some classrooms).

One of the aims of the project is to learn about popular sports and the disappearing games in the six participating countries. These were presented on posters that the partners brought to Slovenia. The choice of these sports were interesting, especially to see that there are some games that in the past were played in all of the countries, and to realise that in all of the countries they are thought of as games that might disappear in the future.

There was an official reception in the Mayor’s Office in the afternoon.

The third day began with a visit to the gym lesson. The students and teachers could observe our regular students during the »relay« activities. After that the students had an activity in which they could express their artistic skills, they made coloured drawings of mascots. Each country created one, a student of each country presented it explaining its details. Each of the mascots had characteristics related to sports and some symbol of the participating countries. The Romanian team brought along not only the drawings, but two finished (sewn) mascots, one of these mascots was chosen to be the official mascot, but not named as »the winning« one, as we considered it is important to emphasize that in sports it is not important just to compete, but simply be cooperative and active. It was decided that the mascot stays in Slovenia till the next meeting in Poland in June, when it will be taken along with the Slovenian team to be »hosted« by the Polish team until it is taken to Romania in October this year. 

On this day, after the mascot creation, the students were active in the gym playing different ball games (volleyball) and table tennis. In the afternoon we all took a walk, climbed to the top of the highest peak in Kranj, the hill Šmarjetna gora, and returned to the school on foot. The students just felt to play ball games in the gyms also on their return to school in the late afternoon hours. It needs to be acknowledged that the learners involved in this blended mobility proved to be real sports people. 

Thursday, 22nd of March, was perfect for the visit to Planica, the place in the Slovenian Alps, where the ski-jumping qualification of the best world ski-jumpers began. For the participating teams it was a unique experience to enjoy in the atmosphere among the 13.200 spectators that gathered at the foot of the mountains on a sunny, but still cold day at the end of March. On the way back we stopped at Bled to walk around the town and along the lake.

The last day of the blended meeting, Friday, the students and the teachers were taken to the European House in Ljubljana. The aim of this visit was to broaden the students’ horizons and their knowledge of the European Union. Afterwards, we walked to the Ljubljana castle, enjoyed the views of the capital from the castle walls, then returned to the old Ljubljana to explore some of its streets and monuments and in the end visited the Museum of Illusions.

Friday evening was the time to round off the blended meeting of school learners by delivering certificates to all the people involved in the activities of the week. One of the Slovenian students taught the guests from the participating countries two simple Slovenian dances. Later it was amazing to see young people of six different nationalities dancing together in one big circle of friendship.

Despite the age difference among the students it could be said that the students enjoyed in the activities of this week, especially in those that involved sports. One of the observances of our, Slovenian, students was that they realised it is also important to be able to work, cooperate, with younger learners. 

Throughout the week several teachers’ meetings were held to agree on important issues regarding the future work and activities of the Erasmus+ project »National Games And Sports Bring Us Together«.

Bernarda Kovač, Gimnazija Kranj, Slovenia

March 28th 2018



REPORT ON » Short-term joint Staff Training Event «

Dates: from 4th to 8th of June 2018

Venue: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi, Poznan, Poland

From 4th-8th June 2018, Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi in Poznan coordinating Erasmus + project “National Games and Sports Bring us Together” hosted a delegation of 11 teachers from 5 countries: Bulgaria, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

The visit began on June 4th, 2018 with the official speeches made by the headmistress Agata Ratajczak, and the project coordinator Barbara Maciejewska-N’sir, and a short cultural program.  After that guests could familiarize themselves with a Sports Day held at school with Polish games and sports games prepared by physical education teachers and presented by the students’ team (20 people). Achieved goal: showing the culture of the country, sharing knowledge and experience in sports and artistic activities, the life of the school community. On this day, the project coordinator, also an ambassador of eTwinning program, conducted a workshop for teachers about the eTwinning platform; while the Slovenian partner conducted a workshop on the Calameo application. Achieved goals: sharing knowledge and experience, improving skills in using information technologies.

In the afternoon, under the guidance of Mrs Szymandera, four students from the project team presented the main attractions and monuments of Poznan. Achieved goal: improving language skills and communication, getting to know the country’s culture and the place of residence of the project’s coordinator.

On the following day, on June 5th, a surprise awaited guests in the form of an enthusiastic welcome by the youngest students and a working meeting of teachers regarding the presentation about sports games from each country (prepared earlier) and determining the contents of the next chapter of the common book. Achieved goal: popularization of sports games and games, team work, implementation of project activities according to the schedule.

In the afternoon, the participants took part in professional workshops (25 people) in English at the University of Physical Education conducted by the employees of this university – Koper Magdalena, Phd: “How to raise students’ motivation to participate more actively in physical education classes- The Bilateral Integration Exercise Programme”- theory and practice and Glapa Agata, Phd:  “Traditional Polish sports and games: in theory and practice” .

Achieved goals: popularization of games, games and sports, engaging students in sports activities, learning ways to motivate students to physical activity and ways to prevent exemptions from PE in this age category, 13-16 years.

On Wednesday, June 6th participants of the project (25 people – students and teachers) visited and presented the project assumptions at the City Hall during a meeting with Mrs. Janowicz Hanna, the director of the branch of educational institutions and Mr. Kozelan Dariusz for the development of school sport. Achieved goal: promotion and dissemination of the project, presentation of the project team.

On this day, the enthusiastic mini-golf games at Malta Ski Golf Course were waiting for the teachers. Achieved goal: undertaking physical activity.

Work on the implementation of project assumptions was planned for the afternoon, including creating questionnaires and working on a shared book. Achieved goal: implementation of project assumptions, team work, popularization of a healthy lifestyle.

On the fourth day of the meeting, on June 7th, workshops were held at Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience (25 people), combined with a tasting of the famous St. Martin’s Croissants, getting to know some phrases from a Poznan dialect and watching a unique goat show at the City Hall. Achieved goal: learning about regional traditions and monuments.

In the evening, the international delegation took part in the school prom (150 students, 40 teachers, 40 parents, 10 school employees, 11 foreign guests), thus raising the importance of this event and were given official certificates of participation in the training visit. Achieved goal: promotion of the project and team for the school community, showing school traditions.

The visit ended on the last day of the meeting, 8th June with the evaluation of the meeting, planning the next meeting in Romania. Achieved goal: evaluation of the visit, planning next steps.

In the afternoon was planned a trip to nearby Rogalin, where guests visited, among others, The Palace Museum, art gallery, coach house and rested a little in the shade of the oldest oaks. Achieved goal: to familiarize participants with the Polish heritage of culture and art, team integration.

All planned project activities for a team of visiting teachers and members of the Polish team have been implemented. The project coordinator in order to increase the scope of the project during this teachers’ meeting maximally involved Polish students in project activities and their participation in workshops, among others at the University of Physical Education, Poznan Croissant Museum and Experience, the presentation of Polish games and sports, the preparation of the cultural and sports part.

Barbara Maciejewska-N’sir

June, 2018






Short-term exchange of pupils – 8 – 12TH  OF OCTOBER, BUCHAREST 2018

 From 8 to 12 October 2018, National College “Emil Racovita” in Bucharest hosted the activities within the project “National Games and Sports Bring Us Together”, a project financed by the European Union through the Erasmus program+.

To activities were attended by teachers and pupils from Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

The main activities were carried out as follows:

8 October 2018 – the guests were welcomed in school, they visited the classrooms and watched a demonstration of sport dance. The teachers from Bulgaria presented the results of the questionnaire “Healthy Lifestyle”. Also, teachers submitted short films with the way in which childhood games promoted in the project were applied in the proposing schools. In the afternoon students had the opportunity to practice the same games and to play basketball, as well.

9 October 2018 – Eating Healthy is a sport! was the activity held by Romeo Fodulu (nutritionist), who presented to students the main principles for a healthy eating, which children and adolescents may take into account during their daily lives, but also in the case of practicing a sport performance. Latter on students applied what they had learned through the designing (in teams) the food pyramid.

October 10, 2018 – Be Strong Is for sports! It was an activity which allowed students a broad discussion about the motivation and selfmotivation both in student and athlet life, the moderator being Cristina Dimitrescu, psychologist. The outstanding presence  of Nicoleta Grasu, performance athlet, was particularly notable. She talked about the main cornerstones in her athlete career. We organised a  swimming contest at the swimming pool in the sports center “Lia Manoliu”.

11 October 2018 – was the day in which, by means of a cultural visits, teachers and students visited the Peles Castle in Sinaia and the Bran Castle, so that all participants had a glimpse of the Romanian history and culture.

12 October 2018 – the participants were handed over the certificates of attendance. They visited the Parliament Palace and the Village Museum in Bucharest.

All  these activities contributed to achieving the general objectives of the project, which are as fallows: promoting childhood games, sports and the value of sport performance, promoting a healthy life style, developing communication skills in the English language, the exchange of good practices in the field of education, promoting the culture and civilization of the host country.



Dates: from 11th to 13th of March 2019

Venue: Fatih Hırkaişerif Ortaokulu, İstanbul, Turkey

A team of teachers from the five partner countries (10 teachers) gathered in İstanbul from the 11th to 13th of March. The meeting was hosted by Hırkaişerif Middle School.

The meeting began on Monday, 11th of March, with an opening ceremony: a speech by the headmaster of the school, Mr. Osman Epçim, a short cultural presentation, following a sport performance presented by students.

After the ceremony, the meeting continued with the preparation of the evaluation documents. The questions were decided for the teachers and students, separately. As decided, the documents will be applied on teachers and students whom are part of the project.

In the afternoon, the meeting continued with the final version of the book. The details about the publishing of the book and then spreading them… Also it was talked about the next meeting that would take place in Porto, Portugal.

Later that afternoon, the participants visited the District National Education Directorate to get information on the education system and especially the place of sports in education in the town.

The next day was devoted to the cultural activities. Some of the main historical places in the city were visited, such as the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque. The participants had the chance to witness the important cultural and historical places.

The last day of the meeting started at school with the ceremony of the certificates. After the ceremony, in the afternoon, the participants were taken to the Bosphorus tour. The tour ended with the visiting of the Maiden Tower.

The decisions were made at the meeting as follows:

  • Preparing the questionnaires and applying them to the teachers and the students until the next meeting.
  • Evaluating the results of the questionnaires.
  • Publishing the project book in English and sending the hardcover copies to each participant country. Also the versions in native languages in PDF format will be send to the participants. Each country will publish their own native versions.
  • Planning and the decision on the date of the Portugal meeting.




Dates: from 23rd to 29th of May 2019

Venue: Colégio Nossa Senhora de Lourdes in Porto, Portugal

4 students and 2 teachers per country took part in the last meeting in Porto, Portugal from 23rd to 29th of May. It was a great experience for all participants who had the great opportunity to share their games, sports, knowledge and to have fun together. Students lived in home families and got acquainted with Portuguese families’ lives.

During the meeting students participated in the festiwal of games and sports, had sports competitions and wonderful cultural programme, and also made online evaluation of all done activities.

It was also the time for dissemination activities- all the teachers went to to the local University to share experiences about Erasmus+ projects and showed the products. Apart from that the coordinators of Polish and Portuguese teams were being interviewed by the local press about the objectives of the project and final outcomes.

At the end of the mobility the coordinators from all countries have started to prepare the final report and planned dissemination activities in their schools and ways for the future collaboration.