International meetings


The first transnational project meeting was held in Vidin, Bulgaria from 19 to 23 November 2017.

During the first working day, the group of teachers, including 10 guests from the five partner schools, took part in a seminar on “How does the disappearance of traditional children’s health?”, Prof. Krasimira Kostadinova, MD from the Department of Child and Youth Health at the National Center for Public Health and Analysis – Sofia.

The second working day continued with the agenda of the meeting. The guests were welcomed at the school with bread and honey and specially prepared posters with a greeting “welcome” in the native languages of each country. We showed them the school. Primary classes prepared surprises – songs, figures in national costumes, as well as various athletes, small bottles with rose essence, which they gave to the guests. Mrs. Kolletka Pavlova and her 4th G grade presented the school, Vidin and Bulgaria in the Educational museum.

We also held the first kick-off meeting of the participants, led by the coordinator Mrs Barbara N’Sir, in the Interactive Training Lab.

We made important decisions at the meeting:

– Organize Logo contest in each school.

– Work together on the eTwinning platform: TwinSpace, invite and introduce the teams. Put the chosen logo (s) into the Twinspace. Periodically add and update workspace data.

– We have set the dates for the next blended mobility to Slovenia, as well as the related important information – activities, host families / hotel, etc.

– Preparing posters with national games and sports and then, at the beginning of March, arrange an online chat / video conference to share students’ experiences about the work (preparing logos / posters).

– Creating an official website of our project – buying a domain and creating the website. (deadline: January 2018).

– Creating the mascot. Each country will prepare the mascot design on paper and explain the material / shape / etc. during the visit in Slovenia.

After lunch we showed our guests the main attractions of Vidin – the Danubian Park, the Baba Vida Fortress, the theater, the main square.

The third day began with activities related to national games, sports and dances. Physical education and sports teachers and their students have shown mobile games that are played in classes. With the help of our students, who played in a dance club, we learned the guests to play traditional Bulgarian dances – Horo.

The afternoon was even more active – we climbed together along the Belogradchik rocks and descended deep underground in the Magura cave.

In the evening, declarations of participation were distributed, and all participated in a farewell dinner.


Here is the presentation of Assist. Prof, Krasimira Kostadinova, PhD:

And here is how Google “saw”our activities: