Open days


On 27 of April 2018 an open day of ERASMUS+ program and the project took place in OU “Lyuben Karavelov”- Vidin, Bulgaria.

With the participation of students from the project group, posters were created presenting the work of the project so far. They were exposed to the main entrance of the school. The project was presented by the coordinator Galina Netova to the assembled students, teachers and parents.
The four pupils who participated in Slovenia’s mobility shared all their impressions, told Slovenia, Cran, the situation in the school, the project activities and their new friendships.
We took the opportunity and awarded the authors of the three best logos from the school logo for the project logo.
The open day has become a real celebration of games and sports. In the school yard the early stage classes played popular Bulgarian children’s games – lady, potty, white butterfly, folk ball. After that, traditional Bulgarian dances – people. The children showed a real and enjoyable alternative to computer games and showed that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.