Press review

“Gorenjski glas”, a Slovenian regional newspaper, published an article on the blended mobility hosted by Gimnazija Kranj. (27th March 2018)


Bulgaria, OU “Lyuben Karavelov”, Vidin – an article in the regional newspaper “Konkurent”about the blended mobility in Slovenia

Poland, Poznan, local press „Głos Rataj”about Bulgarian first Transnational meeting in Vidin

Slovenia, Kranj, Blended mobility of school learners, March 2018, SP nr 2 school website



Poznan, Poland, local press “Głos Rataj”, Short Term Joint Staff Meeting, June 2018

Poznan, Short Term Joint Staff Meeting, June 2018, SP2 school website

Poznan, Poland, the University of Physical Education website about the teachers’ meeting in June 2018

The article about our project “National Games and Sports Bring us Together” in the professional newspaper about European projects “Pieniądze są dla szkoły”, Polish edition, Poznan, Poland, June-August 2018